Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do They Still Call It a Facial?

Today I was flipping through the paper when I came upon an article on facials. As I read the article, I realized it was about "facials" for those OTHER cheeks. You know, the ones between your lower back and upper thighs.

I was amazed and continued to read how people part with $120 and up (way up!) for each session of various treatments including cleansing, detoxification, microcurrent therapy, microdermabrasion, massage and exfoliation of the old gluteus maximus. Who knew?

Many of the women interviewed said they do it to pamper themselves and feel good about themselves. I started thinking about what I would do with the "facial" money, that would make me feel good.

1. Buy myself a huge bouquet of flowers, or maybe two. Preferably sunflowers.
2. Splurge on an expensive technical book on metalsmithing that I've had my eye on.
3. Take an adult ed class and learn something new.
4. Donate the money to breast cancer research, in memory of a dear friend who died of the disease.
5. Send my daughter a ticket to fly home from college for the weekend - or just give her the equivalent in clothing/shoe store gift cards.
6. Send a box of goodies to our soldiers in Iraq, through a friend who is a retired Army nurse.
7. Take my husband out for a fabulous dinner.
8. Donate the money to our local food bank.
9. Buy my son a Mets team jersey.
10. Take a few great friends out to breakfast.

Hmmm, buffing my buns didn't seem to make the list. What would be on your list?


Kat Campbell said...

1. Replace the liner in my pond so my fish could come back home.
2. A shopping spree for grandgirls mom who is trying so hard to get her life together.
3. A donation to the local pre-school for musical instraments.
4. Tickets to a Steelers Game for Pap and Soup.
5. Donation to the Girls and Women's Network.

Nope, no butt buffing here. Lucky for me, nobody sees my bum but Pap, and he likes it just the way it is!

Minxxeee's Mayhem said...

1. A day at the nail salon for my best friends and me.
2. More clothes for the kid
3. Lunch for my best friends
4. A new pair of boots
5. Get my hair done
6. Donate some books to my kids school library
7. Give the money to a suicide help line
8. Put the money towards my ticket to SF
9. Take my son on a "date" to the movies and dinner
10. Use it to donate stuff to the breakfast rogram at my sons school

And since that was US dollars its a whole lot more in aussie money so yay. Thouh I must admit that if I was still modelling or dancing I would use it for a butt buff lol

patsy said...

i find it hard to believe that anyone would do this.

Ordinary Janet said...

I don't have a list! The only things I can think of to do with the money is to take Spot to the groomer's a couple of times. Or I might restock my undies drawer. Or put it towards the new furnace we're going to need next year. I certainly wouldn't get my butt buffed. That's for people who have so much money they don't know what to do with it.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Kat, I vote for a gift card for the grandkids mom. My hubby saw the article too - I asked him if I should go - nope, he likes me just the way I am too. We've taught them well, eh? LOL

Minxxeee - manicures for everyone! Sounds like fun to me. I so rarely get a chance to get together with friends, what with all our different schedules.

I agree Patsy - If I had the money, I certainly wouldn't spend it on THAT! Besides, that is probably the most "protected" part of the body - no UV rays, drying air, etc. It probably already has the BEST skin of the whole body

Janet, I think Spot would appreciate a grooming more than he would appreciate your getting your buns buffed! Yes, some people have waaay too much money. At least Bill Gates is doing something constructive with his extra cash.

Velvet Sacks said...

My list would be repetitive: books, books, books. What's more interesting to me, after spending a lot of years in human resources, is who decided that butt-buffing would be a good career opportunity? Sometimes I'm just amazed at what kinds of jobs are out there for people who know where to look for them.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Books are good Velvet! But with two in college this year, I've actually been a very frequent customer of my local library (banned books, and all, LOL) My son has come home for a midterm break - and he brought me home a pile of books he had to read for various classes - now mine, all mine!

I think it's the facial (ears/nose/mouth type) people that invented this alternate "facial" market. It's not something I'd be very comfortable doing - or having done to me!

Dr.John said...

Well I could use a new breathing mask and that would use up all the money. How selfish of me.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Please Dr. John - go for the breathing mask. We'd like to have you around here for a good long time! Besides, you don't really need your buns buffed, do you?

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Ordinary Janet said...

That article was in my newspaper this morning. How can anyone in good conscience sign up for a package of 10 butt facials for $1200? Now if I had $1200 to toss away...

maxngabbie said...

Does the cost depend on the size of yer butt? I personally don't have any reason to do something like that. Nobody looks at my butt anymore..but my dogs. That is when their nipping at it when I walk out the door ;) They love their mama!
My list consists of my daughters high school tuition.
HEY, I've got an idea....I could become a butt buffer, sounds like it pays rather well.

DaveM said...

Well buff ma butt..............could this be the new in phrase????

Sunflower Optimism said...

Amazing, article, huh, Janet? That's what got me - spending all that money on a bun buff to "feel good." There have GOT to be better ways to make yourself feel good!

Thanks for stopping by, Schrem, always glad for the company. I know what you mean - I have two in college, right now. But I think I'll just make them take out loans ;-)

Well, good one Dave! Buff ma butt - let's see if it takes the internet by storm, LOL.

Ordinary Janet said...

I just wonder what kind of person does butt buffing? and will your mother be proud to brag to her friends that her daughter is a butt buffer? I imagine my mother would rather tell her friends I'm a butt buffer than tell them I'm an exotic dancer, but still... ;-)

Margaret said...

Wow! I never thought of buffing these buns or that it was possible. I hope they don't charge by the inch for if they do I have a lot of acreage.

(stopping by via Dr. John)

Janvangogh said...

I would like to get their clientele list. Seems I have some bridges to sell.

Here playing six degrees of Dr. John.

Cindra said...

Dr. John sent me...

1. pay a babysitter to have a date with my hubby
2. see above.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Thanks for visiting and reading this one!

Margie, don't know how they charge - but however they do it, it is too much!

Jan. . . and would one of those bridges happen to be in Brooklyn? LOL

Cindra Jo - much wiser and more constructive use of that money. I hope you get to go on that date soon.

QuillDancer said...

Of course they still call it a facial -- it's for the cheeks!