Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have been amending as I go along here, pretty much NOT knowing what I am doing. But today I taught myself how to edit the side bar - not completely what I'm thinking of, but it's a start. Then, I also wanted to figure out how to upload pictures. I love taking photographs, especially with a digital. I was trying to select a few photos to post, for "practice." In my "Interests" one thing I put down is color - I love color. When the fall hits here and the trees go all red and gold my brain goes on color OD. I can just stand and stare - well, maybe not for hours, but for a long time. I've picked out a few photos with lots of different colors and textures. I hope you like them too.

This was a beautiful sunset, from our last vacation. I just kept snapping away, as the sun sank, very calming.

This is from the south of France. My parents are from there, I'm first generation here. I suspect I'll be writing a bit about there, down the road. The stonework on this building was incredible, very detailed. The teal blue shutters were just so unusual, especially on such a stately building where one would expect plain, somber black.

This is a local spice vendor at the weekly "Marche" again in Provence, in the south of France. Can't you just smell the lavender, cinnamon, paprika, cumin - and the delicate dried rosebuds, all the way in the back?

Here are some great warm neutral shades for both the terrain and the beast. I don't know if she's a donkey or a mule, but she was sweet!

Hmmm. . . seems it didn't matter whether I selected medium or large size when uploading photos - both came out the same size. Will have to research this discrepancy further.


Kat Campbell said...

Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to hop a plane and zip right over there for a vacation.

Velvet Sacks said...

Wow, Sunflower, you're off to a roaring start; these photos are amazing! You've singlehandedly made Blog World more beautiful today. Thank you.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Thank you, Kat and Velvet, you are both very kind. Don't encourage me, I have thousands of digital photos ;-) Actually, I'm thinking of a specific one from 1993, which I will have to look for - it's the reason I named my blog Sunflower Optimism. Need the picture before I can tell that story.

Oh - this morning I figured out if I double-click the photo in the blog, it opens up in a separate page - much larger! So I'm thinking that's probably where the "large" option comes in when uploading. Although the detail looks great, will have to try "medium" next time. I'm learning by baby steps.

Ordinary Janet said...

Oh, my-what terrific pictures-I could just about smell the spices!

Have fun learning how to manipulate your blog till it's just how you want it-and don't be shy about asking for help, that's how I learned to fiddle with things on my blogs. I've got some sites bookmarked that are helpful.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Thanks Janet. I have fun with my camera - although my dear spouse and children all roll their eyes when I take it along.

Would certainly appreciate any good resources for the blog. Although this morning I figured out how to do italics! Apparently, Safari does not have all the cool commands that other browsers have. My daughter is going to explain to me how to load mozilla, so that might work better.