Saturday, February 17, 2007

How Many Repair Guys Does It Take to Change a LIGHTBULB? PART 3

Well, I didn't want to bore my loyal readers with more of As the LightBulb Turns (or is it All My Lightbulbs?) but since Jackie is waiting with bated breath to hear more of the KitchenAid saga here's an update.

Jackie, you are correct, the repair was rescheduled for Saturday, February 17th.

On Friday I received a call from a customer service rep.

Rep: Have you received the lightbulb yet?
Me: Nooooo. . . was I supposed to? On February 9th I was told that the lightbulb had been backordered to February 7th and had shipped out on the 8th. I thought it was going to the service center.
Rep: Well, now it's back ordered until February 19th. You should receive it 4-5 days after that.
Me: But when I spoke to the rep on the 9th, she said it HAD shipped on the 8th.
Rep: Oh, we do that sometimes, we just assume that it gets shipped the day after the backorder ends. In this case, the backorder was extended. Just call us when you get the lightbulb and we'll reschedule your appointment.

At this point the thought of replacing the microwave is starting to sound appealing. But since that would
also involve changing the wall oven, as the two units have one control panel it would be a VERY expensive proposition. Probably not going to happen. Sigh.

Tune in next week for another episode of The Young and The Restless and The Lightbulb.


Addendum - Really, dear friends, no need to leave comments (unless you really want to of course, LOL.) I think it's all been said. Just wanted to keep you all updated. Of course, if you really want to make someone happy, visit Dr. John; he has a wonderful blog and he lives for comments. Tell him I sent you ;-)


The Artist said...

You have my complete sympathy over this situation, best wishes, The Artist

DaveM said...

Use the existing one as a store cupboard and buy a replacement to keep on the work top. Problem solved.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Many thanks, Artist. I've pretty much given up - as I said in a comment for the "Part 2" post - at this point it has become a case study of the world of customer service.


Dave, very creative! I like it. beats buying the whole shebang again.


Also, a note to my non-US friends - the titles in italics are names of serial soap operas in the US, with names just - ahem - slightly amended, for my purposes.

MamaLee said...

If I was REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY rich I'd BUY you a whole new wall unit! I am now shopping for a new dishwasher............

I think we live in appliance hell.

Dr.John said...

Thanks for telling people to visit me. I love soap operas and this one is getting good.
Will the bulb ever come?
How many times can it be reschgeduled?
Will it be the right bulb?
Tune in again tomorrow.

Jackie said...

Sunflower - thanks so much for the update! I'm one of those curious types - just have to know, you know?! And this one is driving me crazy -- I cannot believe this! I know how frustrated you must be, and I do sympathize, but looking at it from my end - it's a comedy of errors, and pretty amusing. This is like one of those things you read under the title "Can you get any less service from customer service" -- you don't really believe these things keep happening. Hang in there, girl, and know that at least in telling the story, you're entertaining one person out here! :-)

Mark said...


Kat said...

Desperate Lightbulbs...Friday Night Lightbulbs...if you aren't living it, this certainly is fun Sunflower!

goatman said...

I'm sorry that you must endure this. But we as lowly consumers are at the mercy of the corporations which control our lives, and our country; and I am sorry that mercy is in short supply!

"Angeldust" said...

Yes, Dr.John is also on the list.

I did not have time to look up the site I proposed to you, but Iimagene if you Goggle "consumer complaints" it must come up first...

It looks you have to brace yourself for the unfolding saga.
Hang in there sweetie, it's just a light bulb...
It is so pathetic is funny...

Big hug

Velvet Sacks said...

Maybe the question should be, "How many appliance store managers does it take to change a service department?" Maybe you should send them a printout of your blog to show them you're giving them all the free publicity they've earned.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Well, MamaLee - have you won that LOTTO yet so you can buy us NEW appliances??? Good luck with the DW - I have a Bosch that has worked fine for four years. So far.


Dr. John, glad I could return the favor ;-) Don't forget to tune in to see what happens next!


Jackie, you are too funny! I'm glad you are enjoying this little drama. I sure have gotten lots of "blog mileage" out of it!


You got that right, Mark!


Hey Kat, we could start a whole new thread here! How about CSI Lightbulb or 24 Lightbulbs or Boston Lightbulb?


Yet endure I must, Goatman! It's not so bad, once I got the past the initial yelling and screaming phase. I can't control what happens, only how I react, right?

And you are right - we could certainly use more mercy in the world.


Thanks Angeldust! Yes, It's only a lightbulb, it's only a lightbulb, it's only a lightbulb.


Oh, this is much bigger than an appliance store, Velvet! This is a national service (and I use the term loosely) company for "factory authorized repair." Which is another thing that really annoyed me - we didn't have a choice of service providers - KitchenAid transferred us directly to this service company that we are now stuck with.

Evan said...'s a lightbulb, how hard is it, can u do it yourself. I will, can u pay for handsome Aussie to come over!!

perhaps there is more to this story, i shall have to read part 2 and 1 perhaps ;)